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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not Argued

Many times in the judicial system there are items that will remain unanswered at the end of the proceedings. It is also not uncommon that a ruling would be against what is right and fair for a reason that was not included or part of the decision making process. Sometimes it is the laws themselves that are the problem and should be dealt with. It would be of great benefit to have a fair accounting of these items for use as reference. There should be a place where one could go to get this information and gain a more or less comprehensive understanding of what is and isn't true of it.

I have seen forums, blogs, and wikis that try to do some of this but there are problems with these efforts. They tend to be one sided or nothing more than arguments. This would be an insult to our intelligence and commonality. The question here would be if you want the truth or a perception of the truth? Perspective is important but too narrow of a perspective and you can miss even the most obvious of things. Too wide of a perspective and even the greatest of things can be overlooked as being insignificant.

There would be several interdependent areas that have to be looked at in such a way as to gain the most correct information.
  • Constitution
  • Laws
  • Rullings
It would have to all start with questions and end with articles.

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